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Jump and climb upwards, avoid obstacles, feed a blue beast, and unlock new abilities in this vertical climber game created by the Downwell maker.

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Exclusively available to members of Netflix platform, this game will keep you hooked as you maneuver your way up, avoiding adorable enemies while nourishing the persistent blue beast that's right behind you. Made by the creator of the highly acclaimed Downwell game, this vertical climber presents more challenging terrain as you ascend.

Keep soaring higher as unexplored regions with increased difficulty levels await you. As you progress, you can unlock and earn abilities that offer an added advantage in the quest to reach the summit.

With simple and effective one-handed controls, you can bounce and grab fruits with ease to energize the creature. Watch out for creatures that lurk randomly in the areas that you ascend. You can collect abilities such as octobub, which gobbles up fruits, and the handy snail clock, which provides brief stoppages for collecting your next jump.

Discover hidden areas and modes as you progress further. The puzzle mode is a tricky one that requires your best effort, while completing Poinpy mode opens up a challenging endless mode for a thrilling experience.
Netflix, Inc.
Release date
Jun 08, 2022
Single player

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