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Pawnbarian: a chess-inspired, turn-based, puzzle roguelike. Use a deck of chess pieces to hack, slash, and outmaneuver enemies in quick runs. Single IAP unlocks full game.

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Discover a new way to play Chess with Pawnbarian - a captivating puzzle roguelike game that will challenge your strategy skills and keep you engaged for hours. With a single in-app purchase, unlock the full game and immerse yourself in a turn-based adventure that blends Chess and RPG elements.

In this ad-free demo, you will have the chance to control a single character and explore a labyrinthine dungeon that will test your planning skills and keep you on your toes. Use the cards in your deck to move your hero across the board and defeat waves of monsters, each with their own unique abilities and challenges.

Pawnbarian features easy-to-learn mechanics, borrowed from Chess, that will make it accessible even to beginners. However, the real depth of the game lies in how you master these mechanics and plan your moves ahead of time. Every decision counts, and a single mistake could mean defeat.

As you progress through the game, collect treasure to upgrade your cards and become stronger. You can choose from six different characters and conquer three different dungeons, each with a unique approach to gameplay. Take on the Gauntlet and see how long you can survive, or challenge yourself with the extra difficulty modifiers available in the Chains.

Pawnbarian is not a game about unlocking content or building complex characters. Instead, it's a game that rewards skill and planning. With its bite-sized sessions of 15-30 minutes, this game is perfect for on-the-go gameplay or a quick break from work. So are you ready to become the mightiest warrior of the Chesslands? Play Pawnbarian today and find out!
Release date
May 10, 2022
Single player



Definitely good and also kinda hard

XaikiArcenceilXaikiArcenceilfrom Skich app

Gameplay & Streams

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