Paths & Danger

Paths & Danger

GoldenGod Games, Lda
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Game overview

Lead a group with unique abilities to explore different terrains, fight enemies, and solve the mystery in a stunning dark fantasy world.

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Enter the foreboding world of Westwall where an ominous evil presence looms. Rally a team of heroes each with their unique capabilities and venture forth across varied landscapes. Engage in battles against formidable foes and push through a gauntlet of challenging trials. In your hands lies the hope of salvation from the dark forces spreading throughout the land.

Lead your band of characters and take advantage of their individual skills, weapons and strengths to accomplish daunting challenges. Cultivate your party's attributes to enhance their power and ability. Bear witness to perilous events as you make your way through a tale shrouded in mystery, piecing together the dark history of Westwall.

Take on the opposition using a strategic turn-based combat system on a hex grid, where quick thinking and decision making is critical. Explore new and unfamiliar territories shrouded in atmospheric environments, surveying the stunning dark fantasy world around you. The game is full of roguelike elements, including permadeath, so caution is advised when taking on new challengers. Proceed with resilience to the endless procedural generated maps giving this game its limitless replayability factor.

Are you the hero Westwall needs? The fate of the land is in your hands.
GoldenGod Games, Lda
Release date
May 03, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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