Pasha Planet: Reborn

Pasha Planet: Reborn

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Game overview

Explore Pasha Planet and solve puzzles to save it from an energy crisis. Enjoy charming hand-painted scenes and classic click-and-point gameplay in Scorpio Game's debut title.

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Scorpio Game, an independent game development studio based in Taiwan, has made their debut with “Pasha Planet: Reborn”. This game boasts of unique hand-painted visuals and exciting detective work. Players will be engrossed in a puzzle-solving adventure that highlights the everyday lives of the game's characters.

The game is set in the far-off planet of Pasha, which houses a thriving underground city inhabited by cute dogs. These dogs enjoy their daily lives with the help of advanced technology. However, the protagonist of the game, Bobbie, craves to explore the outside world since he grew up in the underground city. This yearning for exploration is what drives the game's plot. As Bobbie, players will navigate through the seemingly peaceful city while facing an ongoing energy crisis. They must solve the game's challenging puzzles and stages to resolve the final mystery, save the city's inhabitants, and prevent the occurrence of impending disaster.

The game features classical point-and-click puzzle-solving gameplay and boasts of delightful and heartwarming hand-drawn scenes that are sure to charm its players. The game's challenges are designed to keep players on their toes and their brains engaged.

Experience the world of Pasha Planet through Scorpio Game's first game release, “Pasha Planet: Reborn”. Get lost in the game's fascinating narrative and immerse yourself in the game's unique puzzle-solving gameplay. Join Bobbie on his quest and save the day!
Release date
Jan 20, 2023
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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