Panmorphia: Awakened

Panmorphia: Awakened

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Game overview

Adventure through Panmorphia as a sentinel, morphing into animals to save the elements in a point-and-click puzzle game. Find and awaken the sentinels to save the world.

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• The Legend of Panmorphia •

According to the legend, a sentinel is born in every generation, who is bound to the world of Panmorphia and its four governing elements. These sentinels possess the power to wield each element and transform into an animal that embodies it. Utilizing an amulet, they can merge all four elements, traveling through the aether and are called forth to serve in times of crisis.

In the first adventure, you employed your skill to manage each element and transformed into the creature that best portrayed it! This allowed you to shift between the four viewpoints and rescue the four imprisoned elements! Then, in your second adventure, you went to the Lost Temple and improved the amulet to allow you to switch easily between the four elemental forms!

Now in your third adventure, you are returning to Panmorphia!

You now have the ability to metamorphose freely between the four forms. Each change will affect your perspective of the world!

Panmorphia's spirit has assigned you the mission of finding the four sentinels and awakening them.

The future of Panmorphia is contingent on your success!

Good luck, Sentinel!

• A puzzle adventure game with a point and click mechanic!
• A breathtaking world to explore!
• Transform into a cat, bird, or fish and acquire a unique view of the world!
• Bespoke and delightful graphics!
• A plethora of items to collect and obstacles to overcome!
• An interactive map and journal that record your discoveries!
• An intelligent Hint System that directs you to the next task and its location on the map!
• A beautiful soundtrack and original sound effects!
• Auto-saves your progress!
Release date
Apr 28, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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