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Game overview

Lead the Resistance in Overkill 3's audio-visual spectacle against the brutal Faction forces, customize guns, survive endless mode, and battle terrifying bosses.

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Join the Resistance in the thrilling and visually-stunning game, Overkill 3. Design your own fate as you lead your team in a quest to defeat the Faction, who seeks to impose their rule using exterminating machines to ensnare and eradicate. The game is playable offline, so you can team up with friends and engage in the action at any time.

The game comes with an array of exciting features, and the new cooperative multiplayer mode allows players to participate in daily tournaments. The mode entails rewards like exclusive callsigns, unique equipment, and Overkill Medals that enable you to buy the most advanced guns in the game. The online profile keeps track of all your achievements and statistics. The lobby features an online chatroom to help you find like-minded players to form a team, share strategies or taunt your opponents.

Get ready for the latest addition, the endless mode, where you aim to defend the generator for as long as possible, using its high voltage lightning to eliminate your enemies.

In an oppressive future where the Faction dominates and people are traumatized and feeling trapped, those who dare to fight feel demoralized by the overwhelming forces they face. But, with your leadership, they can be urged to stand up for humanity and fight for a better future.

Choose from a massive selection of customizable guns, including futuristic firearms, classic shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles and machine guns. This feature provides you with unparalleled gun customization with tons of enhancements that allow you to upgrade and attach more features to your weapons.

Overkill 3 features varying and ever-evolving gameplay, from deserted industrial complexes to hostile deserts and abandoned cities. You will face a range of challenges, including heavy assault squads, Faction loyalists, and snipers, each requiring a new strategy to defeat.

Enjoy console-quality graphics that give you an immersive gaming experience. With beautiful landscapes, detailed gun models, ragdoll physics, and special lighting effects, you can expect nothing short of a complete game package.

As you progress and become a force to reckon with, expect to encounter epic boss battles and cinematic cut scenes that will keep your adrenaline pumping. The game employs 3rd person shooting controls specifically designed for mobiles to give you a smoother experience.

Protect yourself with the all-new armor research of the Resistance with Nano-Suits, which provide a bulletproof cover in battle.

Ultimately, to become the legendary Resistance leader, you will need to master the skill of accurate shooting. Only then can you defeat your enemies, and aspiring players will need to overcome the odds and the many challenges that lie ahead. Only the brave can survive to rule the Overkill 3 arena.
Release date
Feb 19, 2015
Single player

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