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Tommy Rissken is out for revenge after being betrayed by his friends. Use sniper skills, build weapons and more in this epic '80s style game.

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Step into the dark world of the 80s with the action-packed game "Revenge: Sniper", where you must help the vengeful Tommy Rissken take down his traitorous friends and reunite with his daughter after serving an unjust prison sentence. This top-rated strategy game is loved in over 10 countries, featuring superior Sniper mechanics that give players the most authentic gameplay experience imaginable.

With its great ragdoll physics and destructible bodies, "Revenge: Sniper" will keep you glued to your screen as you take down enemies with precision and swift violence. You can enjoy the racing and underground Gamblers Club, as well as great cartoon animations that will immerse you in the retro world of the 80s.

The game's soundtrack is just as amazing as its graphics, boasting an 80s style new retro wave sound from well-known artists like Perturbator, RTRY, Vector Hold, and many more. You can create your own weapons in "Revenge: Sniper" and enjoy great interactive elements in levels, as well as using old 80s style cell phones for communication.

"Revenge: Sniper" is your ticket to hours of engaging gameplay, building intricate strategies and using all manner of weapons to exact revenge on those who wronged Tommy. Stay tuned for the latest updates and game news by following us on our website and social media platforms.
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