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In Once Human, bond with alien substance to survive and thrive in an open-world post-apocalyptic setting against terrifying aberrations.

Once Human is a multiplayer action-packed game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players unite with friends to fight for their survival. The game is set in a supernatural open-world where players must make claims against the aberrations that have taken over the world. In this world gone mad, humans have been contaminated by the extraterrestrial substance known as Stardust. As a Meta-Human, the player is uniquely bonded with this alien substance and possesses heightened tolerance, allowing them to survive and thrive in this new reality. In Once Human, players must rely on survival instincts and be alert at all times. The fruits and water have a distinct blue glow from the Stardust contamination that poses a danger to the player's physical and mental health. The Eldritch Horrors in the game will challenge the player and their survival instincts. The player must remain vigilant and rely on every ounce of instinct and resilience to survive in this new world. The game's guild battle is massive, where players must put their skills and courage to the test. Players are never alone on their journey to uncover the truth behind the horrors. They can join forces with others to face the unknown and fend off rivals. Teamwork, tactics, and instincts are the key to victory in these heart-pumping battles. Players must collaborate with their teammates to pool skills and resources to seize dwindling supplies that ensure survival in this world. In Once Human, Stardust has transformed countless lives into unimaginable monstrosities that have taken over the world. Players must face the unknown and fight for the future of humanity as the Deviations have become the prey and humans, the predator. Players can build their sanctuary anywhere in the wilderness. The player is free to be creative and decorate their survivalist fortress however they like, from adding a patio, kitchen to a garage. Stashed treasures are protected with an arsenal of defensive weapons, and players are free to let their imagination run wild. In Once Human, players take charge of their destiny, shape the future of humankind, and become humanity's last hope to reclaim the old world.
NetEase Games
Release date
Aug 08, 2024

Gameplay & Streams

Once Human: Official Closed Beta Test TrailerIGN
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The Most Cursed Game... - Once Human [Episode 1]Syntac


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