GamesOld School Musical: Pocket Edition

Old School Musical: Pocket Edition

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Chiptune adventure with 55 songs and counting! Swing your sword to the beat and help Tib and Rob through the Chicken Republic. Guest artists included.

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Introducing an all-new music-themed game with a staggering 55 tracks, and more to come in the future! Get your groove on with the pulse-pounding beats in this chiptune-inspired adventure!

Join Tib and Rob as they embark on a wacky journey through the whimsical world of Chicken Republic in search of fun and adventure. You've never experienced a rhythm game like this before! With every beat, you'll be one step closer to victory and the success of our two heroes' quest. You'll have to swing your sword and fight to the rhythm of original music from some of the biggest names in chiptune such as Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko, and Le Plancton.

Exciting game features include a challenge mode, and noteworthy guest appearances from the likes of Dubmood, Zabutom, Hello World, Yponeko, and Le Plancton. You can also expect to encounter plenty of chickens in this fun-filled journey!

This game supports multiple languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. However, please note that this game contains advertisements. Get ready to unleash your inner musician and take on the ultimate rhythm challenge!
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