GamesNew Orion: Roguelike shooter

New Orion: Roguelike shooter

Release date: TBA

Game overview

Upgrade your equipment and defeat enemies in the sci-fi world with rogue-like mechanics and competitive gameplay modes.

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Embark on an exhilarating adventure into a wild and crazy future world where brave mercenaries blaze through warfare. You'll have your trusty combat drones and guns by your side as you defeat enemies and collect resources to upgrade your equipment.

The modern future atmosphere has been perfectly captured with realistic graphics, and the stylized design allows players to fully immerse themselves in the sci-fi realm. Utilize your battle drones and robots to help you win the toughest battles but don't let your guard down, as not all robots are friendly.

Enjoy two thrilling game modes: in Campaign, complete story-based missions and gather resources to improve your gear, while in the competitive Arena mode, go head-to-head with other players and prove that you're the best!

Explore a wide range of story locations and biomes, and develop your character throughout the campaign so you can successfully compete in the high-stakes Arena matches.

The game's Roguelike mechanics ensure endless variety, as you fight off hordes of enemies, beat them to claim better loot, and earn a higher reward the tougher the enemy.

With its responsive controls and streamlined interface, the game is easy to pick up, yet offers depth and challenge as you progress. The unique character equipment system with 4 types of weapons - Turbolaser, Plasma, Tesla, and Dark matter - allows you to customize each piece of your equipment to your play style and needs. So, go ahead, knock out, craft and upgrade your gear to achieve ultimate efficiency in battle.

Unleash your combat skills in this beautifully designed roguelike TPS shooter, and experience the rush of adventure like never before!
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