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Game overview

Customize and name unique fish in My Koi's beautiful fish pond, feed them daily, watch them grow and collect new fish. Relax and enjoy an ambient atmosphere.

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Looking for an interactive and peaceful experience? Look no further than My Koi, the ultimate relaxation game that lets you create your very own serene underwater oasis. The game has taken the Mac App Store by storm, becoming the top hit in the games category.

With My Koi, players can customize up to 18 unique fish for their pond, giving each one its own name and watching it grow over time. Collect new fish and manage up to 54 fish across three ponds. No two fish are alike, so every player’s experience will be unique.

The customizable pond environment allows you to change rocks, plants, substrate, and water color. Unlock new varieties of fish slots and more once you reach certain milestones. Each fish's happiness levels change depending on how much they're fed. Add soothing background sounds and enjoy ambient mode to create a calm atmosphere.

And thanks to AirPlay and Apple TV, you could bring your tranquillizing pond to your lounge area. My Koi also lets players view each fish and track their underwater activity. Feed the fish to observe them swim towards and consume the food.

Users cannot get enough of this tranquil game, with one reviewer admitting they can't resist checking on their fish every 3 to 4 hours. Another said that My Koi was the best purchase they made in the App Store ever, and a further review dubbed it “the best game ever".

Take a break from your stressful lifestyle and indulge in some downtime with My Koi. This game is the perfect getaway for people with a busy, unimaginative life as the game serves as a sanctuary against any sort of pressure. My Koi has no in-app purchases or advertising, making it a cost-effective choice. Download My Koi now and get lost in the calming atmosphere of your personalized koi pond.
Sakana Studios
Release date
May 04, 2016
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

My Koi: iOS Gameplay (by Sakana Studios)App Unwrapper
My Koi SimulatorMrMagnat007
MY KOI :: 001 :: Ein großer Fischteich zum EntspannenMcCalm
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