GamesMurder Mystery- Detective Investigation Story

Murder Mystery- Detective Investigation Story

Game overview

Solve over 60 complex criminal cases using skills of deduction & exploration in Murder Mystery. Discover clues, interrogate characters, analyze crime scenes & solve crimes.

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Looking for more than just a Hidden Objects Game? Murder Mystery is the game for you! Step into the shoes of a criminal investigator in London and put your detective skills to the test as you solve over 60 complex and mysterious criminal cases ranging from assassinations to multiple homicides.

In Murder Mystery, you'll explore realistic dialogue options and gather clues by conducting interrogations, inspecting bodies, and analyzing crime scenes. With an eye for detail, you may find something that doesn’t seem quite right. The husband of the victim acts strange or the murder weapon has fingerprints. As the detective, it’s your responsibility to uncover the truth.

As you gather more information and build up a picture of what happened, you'll come to your own conclusion, successfully solving the crime and unlocking the next case. Murder Mystery features realistic dialogue for an immersive murder mystery experience, and with cases that vary in difficulty, it offers a challenge for investigators of all skill levels.

With over 60 mysterious criminal cases to investigate, fans of crime and mystery books, puzzles, and challenging riddles will love Murder Mystery. With story-driven gameplay and lots of different theories to explore, you'll be piecing clues together and solving crimes like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot!

Do you have what it takes to solve every case? Download Murder Mystery today and find out!
Release date
Apr 01, 2018
Single player

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