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Murder Mystery 2: Criminal Case

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Solve complex criminal cases with over 30 mysterious investigations. Build clues, interview witnesses, and analyze crime scenes to catch the killer.

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Looking for something more than just a Hidden Objects Game? Look no further than Murder Mystery 2 - the perfect sequel for lovers of detective investigation stories! This immersive game will push your skills as a detective to the limit with over 30 complex cases to solve. Starting in Los Angeles, you'll use your powers of deduction to crack cases ranging from multiple homicides to assassinations.

Delve deep into realistic dialogue options as you learn more about each case - you'll conduct interrogations, inspect corpses, and analyze crime scenes for any clues you can find. Maybe something seems a little off: does the husband of the victim act in a suspicious way? Or maybe the murder weapon has fingerprints. As the detective, it's your job to uncover the truth.

Gather as many clues as you can to build a coherent picture of what actually happened and come to your own conclusions. Successfully solve the crime to unlock the next challenging case waiting for you.

Murder Mystery offers over 30 intriguing criminal cases that will excite and challenge you. Discover clues, analyze crime scenes, and interview characters to piece the case together. Each case has varying difficulty levels, ensuring that you can test your skills no matter what experience level you have. Rely on your logic and deduction skills to solve the cases correctly. With realistic dialogue, immerse yourself in the game and get lost in each murder mystery case.

Do you love crime and mystery books, puzzles and challenging riddles? This murder mystery game is perfect for you! With story-driven gameplay and different theories to explore for each case, you'll feel like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot while solving each mystery.

Are you ready to take on the challenge and solve every case? Download Murder Mystery 2 today and start investigating!
AP SocialSoft
Release date
Jun 10, 2019
Single player

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