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Navigate space and real-time combat as Myrah Kale in search of rare Morphite, encountering random planets, creatures, and puzzles in this stylistic adventure game.

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If you encounter a black screen while loading, it's recommended to restart your device to ensure that the expansion file is loaded properly. Similarly, if you face a black screen on landing, disabling any Ad block applications could be helpful.

Enjoy playing the first two missions and exploring random planets without any cost. To unlock the full story mode, you can purchase it, which provides access to all weapons and power-ups. An incentive to purchasing any of the IAP is that ads will be removed as well.

It's essential to note that the game would work seamlessly on devices newer than, or, from the year 2015.

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Morphite's storyline revolves around the future when humanity has colonized the far-off regions of space, where you, as the player, are immersed in the role of Myrah Kale, a young woman who resides in a space station, under the care of her surrogate father, Mr. Mason. A simple exploratory mission to gather supplies quickly turns into an intriguing journey revealing Myrahโ€™s unknown past and her relationship with Morphite - a rare and coveted material close to extinction.

As you progress forward into the game, you must travel to unknown regions of space, undiscovered planets, meet exotic creatures, and explore uncanny locales to uncover the hidden mysteries of Myrah's past and her connection with Morphite.

Along with an extensive main storyline, Morphite offers randomly generated worlds for exploration. The game features a variety of creatures spanning different landscapes, caves, rivers, and other fascinating places to discover. Space stations, abandoned and infested with alien life, can be explored, providing a unique gameplay experience.


- The game has a beautiful low-poly stylized look with detailed graphics.

- The game's soundtrack features over 50 original songs composed by Evan Gipson, making the game's atmosphere more immersive.

- The main storyline is fully voiced.

- The game features environmental puzzle-solving.

- Players can scan creatures to upgrade their ship and weapons by selling their bio-information.

- The game provides upgrades throughout your adventure.

- The player battles huge bosses.

- The game has a user-friendly Starmap system that is easy to navigate.

- The player can have random encounters while aboard their ship.

- The game features various side missions that players can engage in.

- Morphite's real-time space combat system offers an exciting gameplay experience.

- Players can trade resources.

- Random weapons and vehicles can be found on various planets.

- Players can upgrade their suits to survive extreme conditions.

- Morphite also supports HID controllers. A full list is accessible by clicking on under the Android category.
Release date
Nov 22, 2017
Open world
Single player

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