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Monster dispatch company simulation game! Collect, train, and dispatch cute monsters in real-time. Ver. 5 with 32 new elements and unlimited stamina.

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Get hooked on the addictive monster management simulation game with "Monkani"! It features a unique combination of idle game mechanics, monster breeding, and free gacha. The latest Version 5 update brings 32 new elements that are sure to keep players entertained indefinitely, with unlimited stamina available to them. As part of a special beginner's promotion, players can avail of a 20% experience point discount and level up to 1500.

Join in on the fun by taking part in a collaboration event with "Sengoku Mikoko (Noja Rori Ojisan)"! The game is cute and enjoyable, with plenty of opportunities to pull free gacha. Players must collect and raise cute monsters, and then dispatch them on missions.

Expect real-time dispatch features that work on an efficient, lightweight interface for a smooth gaming experience. Gacha fans will appreciate the abundance of currency rewards. Plus, the game offers a relaxed but cryptic storyline that adds flavor to gameplay.

A new user is eligible to get HV Sengoku Mikoko (Noja Rori Ojisan) by logging in for three days. Users can also enjoy a deluxe collaboration with Vtuber Noja Ojisan "Mikoko," as well as many others, like "Nora kyatto," "Ekakyo Maguru," "Yuzuhana," and "Shikabane Hitotsu."

Players can visit the official website to submit bug reports and suggestions, which the company uses to improve the game. The Ver.5 update offers a host of new features, including scrapping the second-part stamina gauge and introducing the lucky gauge for 3x battle rewards. Lucky tickets are another new addition, which players can earn as rewards from participating in specific events.

Monkani Tower rewards include 10 lucky tickets, and the monkey tower investment gets lucky tickets as well. Meanwhile, berry goo members get an additional 5 lucky tickets every time they level up. The login roulette game's new update now includes "Ritore Koakuma," which players can earn. Additional upgrades include 5x gold ticket rewards and relaxation of the level limit.

Finally, expect quality of life improvements like increased inventory space, additional chart types, and more. Regardless of whether you're a casual or hardcore gamer, Monkani offers hours of entertainment and fun. Don't miss out on the chance to collect cute monsters, nurture them, and deploy them!
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