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Enjoy the new Candy Shop Map, collect candies, upgrade characters, and join various events in the popular game, 모두의마블 (Everybody's Marble).

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Welcome to the exciting world of the Sweet and Savage Candy War with the newly launched Candy Shop Map! Want to know more? Search for 'Moma TV' on YouTube. Get ready for weekly coupon giveaways to make your gameplay even more enjoyable. Follow the link to and get your hands on the coupons. By accessing the game, we will reward you with a whopping 5,000 diamonds. No other conditions, no discrimination. Enter the diamond mine and claim the prize. Protect the sweets from your opponents and embark on a journey to find the Golden Candy with the new Candy Shop Map. Gather as many candies as possible and snag the victory. Upgrade and evolve your characters with the latest evolution era update. Enjoy unique items, skills, and appearances exclusive to evolved characters. The beautiful Estelle is here to guide you on your growth journey, and you get many special items like a full set of gear. Compete to become the ultimate champion in the Weekend Showdown, where limited conditions make it a battle for survival. The Classic League is back! Remember characters like Daniel and Muse? They are now available again in this league. Plus, beautifully relive classic times with legendary characters. Share your exploits with the world seamlessly with the Best Play feature, with no storage restrictions and the ability to share on social media. Come to Moma Land to enjoy a wealth of content, including World Travel, Star Candy Rich Ball, and Gold Snatch War. As a gamer, you can agree that nothing beats the excitement of Moma's Marvel. Required access permissions include storage space, while the camera and photos permissions are optional. If you have any concerns regarding access, visit the 'Settings' section within the game and select 'Revoke Access Permissions.' Additional fees apply when purchasing premium items. For more information, contact Netmarble's customer service at:
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