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Become a train conductor and lead a group of beautiful girls in a battle against the mysterious mist in Mist Train Girls, the fantasy RPG.

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Embark on an enchanting journey with mist and girls in this fantasy RPG game named "Mist Train Girls - From the Window of the Foggy World". Take on the role of a conductor aboard the "Mist Train", a magical locomotive, and lead a group of beautiful warrior girls called "Train Knights" to investigate the mysteries behind the all-encompassing fog that's blanketing the world.

The story of this game unfolds in a continent named "Iris Cloud" which is shrouded in a dense, dark fog filled with malicious creatures that prey on and deceive humans. This fog, known as "Illusory Mist", had antagonized and pose a danger to people. Nobody knew when and how this mist originated. However, the people of Iris Cloud believed that meeting the Guardian who sleeps at the end of the railway tracks before the mist appeared would help them unravel the mystery.

Taking advantage of their expertise and innovative technologies, the five nations of Iris Cloud pooled their resources together to engineer the "Mist Train", a locomotive with the ability to travel through the thick mists. The main protagonist of the game was appointed the captain of the "Special Railway Force" and embarked on a journey into the mist with his fellow students from the military academy.

As you immerse yourself in this classic anime-inspired fantasy RPG, you will have to combine strategy and tactics to emerge victorious in battles. Team up with the beautiful Train Knights and explore their unique skill sets to dominate the battlefield. With visually stunning animations, you’ll be able to unleash your Train Knights’ special attacks and turn the tides of battles.

Additionally, this game offers an easy auto-training feature that allows you to nurture your characters without having to constantly monitor their progress. You can indulge in some quick and effortless training during your free time at school, during breaks, or before bedtime.

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