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MIR2M: The Grandmaster - Become a Shadow Master and save the Central Continent. Form parties, enjoy various dungeons/contents, epic items and wars, and earn rewards.

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MIR2M: The Grandmaster is the newest installment in the legendary Wuxia RPG IP, following the success of "Legend of MIR 2." Set in the MIR supercontinent, which has been divided into several continents after a massive tectonic shift, the game revolves around the Shadow Masters, secluded masters who reside in the mystical Empyrean Isle and are the students and successors of the Martial Progenitors.

Despite the majority of Martial Progenitors' followers leaving Empyrean Isle to raise their empires, the Empyrean Clan focused on the power of darkness and death to amplify and strengthen their martial capabilities. After reaching the state of Shadow Master, the God of War, they lend a helping hand to humanity's plight as they face the demonic attacks that have overrun the Central Continent due to the growing darkness.

Players will experience new life on Empyrean Isle and discover myths surrounding Dragon Relics that match ancient legends as they train to become a Shadow Master by honing their skills with the blade, magic, and Tao. However, an ever-deepening darkness is approaching, and the players must rise to the challenge and become real Shadow Masters to save the Central Continent.

Form parties with different combinations of Warriors, Mages, and Taoists, upgrade characters to become Shadow Masters, and enjoy various dungeons and contents. With six different boss dungeons, including World Bosses, and EXP/Gold dungeons to earn various currencies, there is no shortage of exciting content. The Tower dungeons test players' limits, while the epic collection of items, from gorgeous wings to treasures and special jeweled rings, enhance players' appearance. Players can ride countless mounts, including the phoenix, splendid horses and whales, bursting with personality.

The game offers a wide range of content to enjoy, including wars that can occur anywhere, from normal maps to arenas where players can show off their battle prowess and guild content that allows them to cooperate with their guild members to protect their honor. Players can earn daily mission rewards, additional weekly mission rewards, and obtain special gear, as well as various currencies, by logging in or leveling up.

The game requires AOS 8.0 or newer or iOS 10.0 or newer, making it accessible to many players. Enter the world of MIR2M: The Grandmaster to become a true Shadow Master and save the Central Continent from the ever-deepening darkness.
Release date
Jan 31, 2024


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