Metal Slug: Awakening

Metal Slug: Awakening

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Game overview

Metal Slug: Awakening offers a revitalized side-scrolling action shooting experience with upgraded visuals, new features, epic boss battles, and iconic characters and super vehicles.

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Metal Slug: Awakening is a side-scrolling action shooting game that takes inspiration from the classic arcade masterpiece and has been licensed by SNK. This game boasts a fresh and captivating art style with a visual presentation that pays homage to its retro roots and is packed with an abundance of content including various weapons, diverse battlefields, and numerous super-vehicles. It's an authentic revival of the iconic game, featuring multiple iconic maps such as the pyramid, desert and mine.

Players are in for an exciting nostalgic ride and can team up with friends in a 3-player mode, go on world exploration, and partake in Roguelike gameplay. The game also boasts new features that are quite exhilarating and allow gamers to take up the Boss challenge with anyone, at any time. Metal Slug: Awakening makes a strong comeback that will undoubtedly fulfill the anticipation of gamers of different ages.

The game features officially licensed iconic characters, formidable Bosses, and super vehicles, and remastered recreations of nostalgic elements such as the Fat Marco and mummies. The essence of Metal Slug IP is meticulously preserved in the game, despite the numerous thrilling upgrades.

There's an abundance of adventures to be had in the game with unique gameplay and fast-paced challenges. Players can explore different locations including the Desert Mine, Secretive Lab, and Southend Rainforest.

The game has various advanced super-vehicles, massive sky-rides, ground-breaking tanks, and SV-camels that can be customized to improve combat abilities to defeat powerful bosses. Players can unleash character-exclusive ultimate skills, wield unique advanced weapons and upgrade their arsenal for epic Boss battles.

With numerous surprises hidden in each Easter Egg, players can relive the excitement of the arcade era and discover multiple surprises by rescuing the iconic characters. Hyakutaro generously gives mysterious gifts and coins from time to time, while the very active Fat Marco will make an appearance, so players need to stay alert during their journey. Metal Slug: Awakening is a must-play game that gives players the chance to relive the nostalgic game while enjoying new and exciting content that's bound to keep them entertained.
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