Game overview

Venture down a well for treasure, fight creatures, get upgrades. Each level is unique. Simple controls, powerful Gunboots, and great music.

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Downwell presents an exciting game about a brave adventurer who descends a well in pursuit of unimaginable wealth using nothing more than his Gunboots as defense. Venturing into the depths of this darkness, you'll face all manner of malevolent beasts and enigmatic secrets as you gather rare red gems scattered across the rocky terrain. With scattered stores offering essential equipment and upgrades, you'll be able to level up, confront dangerous subterranean monsters, and discover hidden entrances leading to ancient relics and treasure troves. Each descent is a unique journey, with no two being the same!

Designed specifically for mobile gameplay, Downwell features intuitive controls that respond seamlessly to your every move using just three buttons to enable fast-paced action. The gunboots, which are a stylish and deadly accessory, serve as a valuable weapon for defeating the sinister creatures that lurk in the dark, while also slowing your descent with each shot. You can explore the game further by unlocking and acquiring different weapons, purchasing peculiar items, or obtaining powerful upgrades that will change and enhance your gameplay experience. With a procedurally generated structure, every level's layout is entirely new and distinct, ensuring that each journey down the well is a fresh new adventure for you to enjoy.

Downwell also features a fantastic soundtrack from Eirik Suhrke and remarkable sound design by Joonas Turner. If you've ever bought the game and encountered download issues, please contact for assistance.
Release date
Sep 17, 2019
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

Downwell's Dual Purpose DesignGame Maker's Toolkit
Downwell - Normal Mode Speedrun (6:39:63) WRFlabCaptain
Downwell: Complete RunKurfust
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