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Romantic adventure novel with a 'Return to Origin' concept. Change the story with choices and text messages. Play as one of five heroines for over 25 hours of gameplay.

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Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ is a captivating visual novel adventure game based on the idea of 'Returning to Origin'. This latest version is now available for iPhone and iPod touch users. The game is presented in the Japanese language only.

The game is founded on a unique concept with a fascinating storyline that is heavily influenced by the player's choices and the conversations held through text messages. The tagline for the series is "Irreplaceable feelings…with you!" The story is centered around Sumisora City and Sumisora Benzai-ten, a historic shrine located just a 20-minute walk away from Sumisora station, both of which were central locations in the first Memories Off series.

In Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~, you will play as one of five heroines, including Ririsu Tohmine, the main character's childhood friend. The game features full voice acting and the scenario development was brought to life with an amazing writing team including Chabo Higurashi, Hiro Akizuki, Dai-san-gen, Hiroaki Miura, Takuya Baba, and Yayoi Sawatari. The musical score was created by Takeshi Abo while Takayuki Koshimizu and Yukihiro Matsuo designed the characters. The game boasts over 25 hours of gameplay, which will keep both veteran and new players interested in the story.

The intuitive touch panel controls make the gameplay easy and enjoyable. Players can control the game with ease by tapping one finger to move the text forward or confirm, swiping down to view the log screen, flicking up to show/hide the message area, flicking left to force skip a message, flicking right to skip a message that has already been read, tap two fingers to show the menu, or press and hold to go into auto mode.

The game begins in autumn, just after the midterm exams at Sumisora Gakuen High School. Shio Tsukamoto, the protagonist of the game, opens the door to find his childhood friend Ririsu Tohmine napping in an awkward position. After waking her up, Ririsu responds by kicking Shio. On the way to school, Shio remembers how cute Ririsu used to be when they were kids but reminisces that she has since become quite moody. Shio's classmates enjoy teasing him about his relationship with Ririsu, whom they see as a self-centered person. Due to Ririsu's behavior, Shio has never had the chance to date anyone. One day, Ririsu introduces Chisa Hakosaki, her classmate, to Shio, who asks him to accompany her to the school festival party. Shio is surprised and confused by Chisa's invitation, and Ririsu reacts in an unexpected way, making their journey more intriguing.

Memories Off 6 ~T-wave~ is an engrossing game that will keep you interested in the storyline. Get ready to experience a delightful visual novel adventure game that is both entertaining and fascinating.
Release date
Nov 04, 2010
Single player

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