Memories of Wilderness

Memories of Wilderness

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Game overview

Set in an apocalypse, join "Wasteland Gourmet" and manage a restaurant while exploring a unique, randomly generated dungeon. Low-maintenance idle gameplay.

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Use these strange ingredients to cook?" The apocalypse has arrived and the survivors are struggling to survive in a land filled with mutated creatures and barren wastelands. The "Wilderness Gourmet Squad," a group of scavengers, breaks the cycle of despair by turning the symbol of death into a symbol of hope. People from all over the wasteland come to collect resources and search for ways to revive the world, and they are called the "Scavengers."

[Game Features]
- Low liver-routine placement, easy resource upgrading and one-click collection.
Yesterday's rookie is now today's expert. The ultra-casual liver-boosting placement gameplay allows scavenger teams to explore and gather resources offline. Whether it's eating, using the bathroom, or opening the game for 30 seconds before going to bed, players can easily enjoy the zero burden of the placement game and say goodbye to tedious material copies.

- Random scavenger labyrinth, unique Roguelike exploration.
Players will explore the was
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