Isekai:Slow Life

Game overview

Become a cute walking mushroom in a new world, build and manage a village, bond with companions, and explore the secrets of ISEKAI.

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Have you ever imagined being whisked away to a whole new world? Now imagine being transformed into an adorable mushroom creature in this fantastical realm! In this wonderful new world, your goal is to manage and develop a small town while encountering fascinating young women of all sorts, each with her unique personality, beauty, and quirks. Explore this new land at your leisure, enjoy the peaceful lifestyle, and form lasting bonds with your newfound companions.

Form intimate relationships with all kinds of otherworldly maidens and enjoy romantic interactions with them. From a nurturing vampire nurse to an artistic octopus teacher and lovely siren “drinking companion”, there's no shortage of amazing women to spend your time with. Spend your days enjoying the sweet and relaxing life that comes with living in this breathtaking ISEKAI world.

Your journey takes you to explore the vast continent of ISEKAI and to form relationships with companions of various trades and backgrounds, including a cute cat-eared maid girl, a goblin merchant, and a skilled monster hunter. Each companion has unique skills to share, making them valuable allies in exploring the secrets of ISEKAI and building your village.

Build a thriving village with your keen business acumen. You can open a workshop, a potion store, a tavern, a school, and many other businesses. Use your skills to develop the local economy and secure the trust of your business owners. By doing so, you'll earn an excellent reputation and become a figurehead in your very own village.

Join the Adventurer’s Guild to experience cooperation and challenge. Wander ISEKAI with other adventurers, make fast friends, and engage in heated combat. Create your guild with your companions or join an existing one!

In this vast ISEKAI world, every road you take will lead you closer to godhood. As you explore, your form and reputation will change and evolve, making you far more than just an ordinary mushroom creature. The path ahead is ripe with opportunities, leading to a life full of challenges and fun. So, come join the fun on the road to ISEKAI and explore this stunning new world!
Release date
Aug 13, 2023


katiebird55from Skich app
The only choice the player has is to click the next given highlighted button to progress. There is no point to the game...
ChromieDroidsfrom Skich app
Its simple and fun but has way to much menu’ing...

Gameplay & Streams

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