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Build your own medieval empire in the unique and historical multiplayer MMO MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS. Conquer territories, expand your alliance, and dominate Europe.

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MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS is an immersive and exciting medieval themed strategy MMO that provides a free journey from a novice COUNT to the most influential RULER of the Middle Ages. With the opportunity to create a kingdom and expand it into an IMPERIUM, this game unleashes the power of your reign to conquer the kingdoms of Europe with the assistance of your friends. Being able to write your own story in this engaging game adds to the excitement and gives the player a unique and customizable experience.

Starting as a small COUNT in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS, you get the privilege of building your kingdom into a remarkable COUNTY that produces its raw materials. Unlocking distinctive and new buildings that mold the appearance of your kingdom as per your desires is a fascinating process that ultimately leads to becoming the most dominant ruler of the medieval age.

In MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS, you get to conquer new worlds and territories with the help of a powerful ARMY that you can recruit to free your lands from the tyranny of the PLUNDER. You can expand your empire while teaching your enemies fear. With each conquest, you get to experience the thrill of expansion, piece by piece.

Take control of an exclusive and historical EUROPE MAP and play with your friends in multiplayer mode. As you immerse yourself in different regions throughout Europe, you can begin in a kingdom close to you and gradually venture to explore the entire map, including the icy north and the warm south.

To survive in both single-player and multiplayer maps, you must conquer the world's TOWERS, which play a vital role in controlling TERRITORIES and KINGDOMS. Conquering enemy towers helps expand your realm to end the domination of other ALLIANCES. With each TOWER you conquer, your POWER expands, and you can unlock more RESEARCH in your alliance.

Take pleasure in conquering different KINGDOMS of your choice in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS. With each kingdom you conquer, you get to expand the kingdom and earn various BONIES, such as earning more TAXES or unlocking TRADE in the KINGDOM. Crucial decisions such as these facilitate to advance your ALLIANCE.

How you wish to play MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS is entirely up to you- lead an ALLIANCE and conquer countless KINGDOMS, or work as a DIPLOMAT with other ALLIANCES and engaging in TRADE. Manage your alliance's forums and treasury or submit yourself to another LORD and dutifully pay your TAXES. Every step is vital, and every brick takes you closer to your ultimate goal- becoming the rightful RULER of Europe.

MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS is available online and is entirely free to play. The game's privacy policy and terms of service are readily available on and respectively. Experience an exhilarating medieval world full of fun and challenges, create your own REALM, and find your OWN way in MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS!
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