Mafia World: Bloody War

Mafia World: Bloody War

Century Games Pte. Ltd.
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Lead your henchmen to seize control of SinCity, conquer rival gangs, and find the missing Godfather in the open-plot game, Mafia World: Bloody War.

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The disappearance of the Godfather has stirred up rivalries between gangs, prompting you to step up as the sole heir of the Ferraro family and restore stability to SinCity. To achieve this, you'll need to hire the fiercest Capos in town to manage your underground business operations, and lead your henchmen to take over the city. Your ultimate goal is to find the missing Godfather and claim your rightful place as the top dog of the underworld, with a voluptuous companion by your side.

In this game, you have the freedom to choose your own adventure, make decisions that could mean life or death, and unlock multiple endings. And when you're not busy snuffing out hostile gangs, you can take a break to woo one of the many gorgeous women in your life, from charming agents to talented musician chicks.

Running a mafia business is never easy, but nothing is off-limits in SinCity. Manage your casinos, nightclubs, and loan sharks to accumulate resources for upgrading your industries, recruiting Capos, and expanding your turf. As you rise above the competition and conquer battle zones across nearly 1 million square miles of seamless world map, you'll need to lead thousands of henchmen in the form of Enforcers, Roadhogs, and Gunmen to eliminate rival gangs and cement your status as the reigning mafia king.

Whether you're playing alone or with players from around the world, Mafia World: Bloody War promises to keep you engaged with its luxury car collection system, where you can collect auto-parts to unlock elite vehicles and customize every aspect of each car to make it stand out. Upgrade your auto-parts to increase your vehicle's power, and dominate the streets of SinCity in style. Join the official fan group on Facebook for the latest news or connect with other players on Discord and plot your next move together.
Century Games Pte. Ltd.
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