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Life Gallery

751Games Co., Ltd.
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Game overview

Life Gallery is a puzzle game with an unnerving twist: players must solve puzzles to navigate a series of horror-illustrations and explore its chilling story.

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Step inside the dark and immersive world of Life Gallery - the spine-chilling puzzle game with a fresh, illustration-style art design. From the game development team at 751 Games comes a thrilling adventure constructed from a series of wicked illustrations. As players explore each of the illustrations, they'll unlock tantalizing mysteries, solve perplexing puzzles, and delve deeper into the deeply unsettling story that drives the game forward.

Life Gallery packs in a wealth of features that will entice fans of terror and mystery alike. From the evil Fish-Head Cult to broken households, the cruel tragedies of this underworld all come together in a unique and compelling storyline. Witness how a boy with one eye and another boy with one arm get caught in the sinister web of mysteries. Unlock the secrets of a puzzlingly cursed family in this nightmare world, where nothing is quite as it seems.

The game's unique art style is an immersive visual feast for fans of illustration. Life Gallery's pen-and-ink drawing style conjures a haunting and immersive world unlike any other. With over 50 illustrations at the player's disposal, every stage of the journey is filled with a chilling and eerie effect, as each illustration takes on a life of its own.

As the storyline progresses through each level, players must tackle ever-more tricky puzzles and conundrums. Clues are hidden throughout the illustrations, requiring players to manipulate the items to solve the puzzles and unlock the truth about the story and its characters. Relying on intellect as much as imagination and an eye for detail, Life Gallery is an enduringly challenging game that fans of puzzle games are sure to relish.

Finally, even masterpieces of classical art become infused with horror in this unique world. If you're a fan of iconic paintings such as the Mona Lisa or Dance, prepare to be startled - these works of art are used as backdrops to a series of surreal and nightmarish scenarios that unfold in this twisted story. Get ready to interact with the art in ways you never dreamed possible as you unlock the secrets of Life Gallery.
751Games Co., Ltd.
Release date
Apr 17, 2020
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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