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Magical idols battle in a fantasy world! Train and customize your idols for battle in this RPG with high-quality 3D graphics and voice acting.

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Teacher's World Witch, an Idol?" is a magical idol-raising RPG that comes from the collaboration between KLab and KADOKAWA. This game features a unique combination of RPG and idol elements with high-quality graphics. Join the witches, who sing, dance, and fight in a fantasy world and witness their growth story as they interact with the player character.

Experience the magical world through high-quality 3D animation and beautiful illustrated cards. The battle scenes are breathtaking, and each character's unique animation and special moves will get you hooked. Boss battles involve a combination of magic, song, dance, and battle, which creates an impressive display of visual effects. The cards obtained through summoning evoke the memories you share with each witch, and animation brings these characters to life as they perform their unique personality animation.

As a teacher, you will cultivate up to 20 apprentice witches and guide them to become full-fledged witches. Interact with each witch through a bond-raising system, and build rapport with them to help them grow. By nurturing the "witch" and "card" aspects of each character, you can strengthen their stats and prepare them for battles.

Team up with your favorite witches to engage in battles and dress them in cute costumes through the dressing function, where you can create infinite combinations. Watch your favorite witches come to life, dance, and perform at live shows in their beautiful outfits. The game also includes an auto-battle and skip function, which lets you enjoy the game without needing to do everything manually.

Enjoy the full 3D experience as you are guided through the story by the talented voice actors, and witness the drama unfold with the game's original anime animation. The game focuses on themes of friendship and bond and is fully voiced, with built-in game-original 3D animation that enhances the witches' world.

Get ready to experience a magical journey with LiGHTs, Ⅳ KLORE (Folklore), This Flower is Maidens, Sugar Pockets, Sadistic★Candy, supernova, Ray, and many more enchanting characters. This game is a witch (idol)-themed cultivation RPG that can be enjoyed on smartphones. Visit the official website and follow the Twitter accounts for this exciting game. The game creators are KLab Games, KADOKAWA CORPORATION 2017, and Shengqu Games.
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