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Be a ninja assassin and master the kunai dagger to destroy enemies and bosses with unique combat mechanics and teleportation.

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Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin is an adventurous game that is perfect for stealthy players who wish to test their skills! You must move swiftly to evade enemies, teleport strategically, navigate varied obstacles and defeat bosses encountered on your journey!

Each level requires that you confront several ninjas adding to the thrill of the game. Your primary weapon - the kunai, allows you to teleport close to specific enemies, maintain a safe distance and dodge their attacks with precision. Your task is to take down all enemies as expertly as possible, just like a profoundly skilled assassin would!

The game features unique combat mechanics that enhance the overall experience; you need to possess expertise in weapon control, strategic planning, and fast reflexes to advance through the different stages successfully. Exploding barrels, ninjas of all sorts, dangerous bosses, and much more all pose significant challenges to your success.

To master all skills required of a proficient Assassin, you must hone your abilities to perfection. Your weapons expertise should cover skills such as teleportation, distance management, attacking with ruthless precision, and dodging at lightning speed. Only by acquiring exquisite mastery of all these skills can you claim the revered title of Kunai Dagger Master!

Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin boasts unique gameplay mechanics, easy-to-use controls, vibrant graphics, diverse warrior types such as ninja, and lastly bosses endowed with a broad range of skills. Kunai Master: Ninja Assassin promises an unforgettable adventure that stays true to the creed of a true warrior. You are to teleport behind your enemies and seek to eliminate bosses strategically. By learning how to use the Kunai weapon effectively, you will indeed become one of the best assassins in the world!
Release date
Sep 07, 2022


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