Jumanji: The Curse Returns

Jumanji: The Curse Returns

Marmalade Game Studio
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Game overview

Experience the ultimate Jumanji adventure: defeat beasts, solve riddles and save the day in two movie-based games. Build your deck, enhance skills and conquer the jungle.

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Embark on an exciting adventure in the world of cinema! Become the heroes of the game by confronting ferocious beasts and Van Pelt, the wicked villain, and emerge victorious at the end!

Explore the mysteries of Jumanji as you take part in two thrilling movie-style experiences. Brace yourself for a challenging encounter!

According to Pocket Gamer, “The threats may be digital, but the sense of pressure is palpable!”

Experience the recently-released official expansion of the game that is based on the 2017 blockbuster movie - JUMANJI: Welcome to the Jungle.

• Up to four players can play the game as Smolder Bravestone, Mouse Finbar, Shelly Oberon, and Ruby Roundhouse.
• Work together as a team to navigate through the jungle and locate the Jaguar Statue to retrieve the Jewel of Jumanji.
• Ensure everyone remains in the game with a shared bank of up to 10 “lives”.
• Build your deck and defeat iconic movie creatures such as jaguars, rhinoceroses, and hippos.
• Summon your friends to join you in the online multiplayer mode to overcome the challenges of the jungle. In the absence of four players, AI characters will fill the vacant positions. You can also choose to go it alone with a full AI team in single-player mode.

Experience the board game that was featured in the classic 1995 Jumanji movie with JUMANJI: The Curse Returns.

• Up to four players can play as Alan, Sarah, Judy, and Peter, or use two new characters – Coach Holly and Lucas Garcia.
• Select your magical token from an Elephant, Rhino, Crocodile, and Monkey.
• Spin the dice and solve the riddles displayed on the board’s central green gem.
• Stand firm together and confront powerful creatures and flesh-eating plants dispatched by the Jumanji jungle to take over the town.

Refine Your Skills
Since not every turn results in a confrontation, collect jewels to improve your skills. Dialog with the team to ensure that everyone is equipped with distinct abilities since you never know what lies ahead. Nurture the magic and keep an eye on your team’s progress!

Build Your Deck
Win gold coins during every encounter and use them to purchase new cards for your deck. With Jumanji ramping up the tension, you will become better, stronger, and quicker. Confront the jungle with your choices.

Are you up to the challenge of defeating Jumanji? Bring your team together and put your skills to the test!
Marmalade Game Studio
Release date
Nov 17, 2021
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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