I'm O.K: A Murder Simulator

I'm O.K: A Murder Simulator

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Game overview

My OldBoy! is a feature-packed Game Boy/Color emulator with link cable, save state system, cheat codes, and controller support. Compatible with most Android devices.

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My OldBoy! is an exceptional emulator that enables users to play their favorite Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on their Android devices. Boasting high speed and an extensive range of compatibility, this emulator provides players with a truly authentic experience, replicating almost every aspect of the real hardware.

Not only does this emulator perfectly emulate hardware features, but it also supports special features such as link cable, rumble, and tilt sensor. Users have the ability to select a custom palette, giving them the freedom to make their GB games as colorful as they desire.

The emulator also enables users to save their progress at any time through the save state system, so it is possible to return to the game instantly. The fast-forward mode allows users to skip to the parts of the game they enjoy the most.

• The ARM assembly code ensures smooth performance, achieving 60 FPS without the need for frame skips, even on low-end devices.

• Boasting high compatibility, you can run almost any game!

• Battery-saving mode ensures your device can be played for longer without worrying about running out of battery.

• Link cable emulation lets users connect to other devices either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, running at a decent speed.

• Tilt sensor and rumble emulation use hardware sensors and vibrator to enhance your gaming experience.

• Can emulate Game Boy Camera and Game Boy Printer.

• Super Game Boy palettes emulation add more colors to monochrome games.

• Multi-lined GameShark/GameGenie cheat codes can be entered and activated/deactivated during the game.

• IPS/UPS ROM patching

• The fast-forward mode enables you to skip long stories and slow down games if they become too challenging. The speed can be as fast as 50x the normal speed.

• The OpenGL rendering backend allows for cool video filters through the use of GLSL shaders.

• Games can be saved at any time with a screenshot.

• The on-screen keypad, with multi-touch capabilities (requires Android 2.0 or later), as well as shortcut buttons such as load/save.

• The screen layout editor is powerful, allowing users to define the position and size for each of the on-screen controls and for the game video.

• External controller support via the Android native way or input method.

• User interface is designed to be easy to use and is seamlessly integrated with the latest Android.

• Switch to different screen-layout and key-mapping profiles with ease.

• Easily create shortcuts to your favorite games from your desktop.

Please note, this app does not come with pre-installed games and users need to obtain games legally. The user can place the games onto their SD card and browse them within the app.

LEGAL: This app is not affiliated with, authorized, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates, or subsidiaries.

As an actual core developer, we work to fix the reported bugs as soon as possible.
Fast Emulator
Release date
Mar 04, 2014
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

I'm O.K. - A Murder Simulator (Intro Cutscene and Gameplay)Mantis: Mega Outlaw Star Fan
I'm OK - A Murder Simulator (Freeware) Gameplayaidar95
I'm OK - A murder simulatorRoterRabe
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