Idle Anomaly: Alien Control

Idle Anomaly: Alien Control

Hot Siberians
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Game overview

Discover the secrets of the alien Obelisk in Anomalies Research Tycoon, where you build and manage a research station while defending against alien attacks.

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Embark on a thrilling adventure to explore what lies beyond the mysterious Obelisk area as you build a research station and uncover all its secrets in this immersive clicker game, Moon Pioneer!

Recently, a group of daring space researchers stumbled upon a strange structure that looked like an alien roller coaster or spaceship from a UFO theme park. They quickly realized that this Obelisk was unlike anything on our planet and marked an incredible discovery. However, in the process of constructing a home base around the Obelisk, something unexpected happened. A strange creature resembling a zombie emerged on the territory. But upon closer inspection, the researchers discovered that it was actually an alien! These creatures will relentlessly attack to interfere with your Obelisk research and construction. You must act quickly and hold a defence for your home base using the latest galaxy gun technology!

The game features a unique idle clicker mechanism that allows your employees to tirelessly work and earn resources for your business simulator incremental game even when you're not playing. You can simply collect these idle resources when you return to the game!

As you manage your research station, you must click to build and upgrade equipment, hire employees, and monitor their health. With the help of Moon Pioneer, you can make rational decisions that are key to the success of your research and tycoon life. Additionally, you'll need to upgrade your space heroes and operatives to explore the dangerous anomalies and protect your employees from the mysterious creatures that guard the Obelisk.

Find the alien, catch monsters, send them to infectonator isolation and explore the Obelisk to get resources. Join forces with the secret Ministry and discover the forbidden side of our idle world that it hides from the common people. You need to control UFO space invasion and attack them back! Use your strategic decision-making skills to progress outside the game and make a profit.

Unravel the secrets of the Obelisks and gain their power with Anomalies Research Tycoon! This game is perfect for those who enjoy tycoon, idle, and building games, as well as an atmosphere of mystery. Your business simulator adventure incremental game awaits you!

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Hot Siberians
Release date
Feb 27, 2023

Gameplay & Streams

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