Grand War 2

Grand War 2

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Game overview

Lead armies in epic battles throughout European history. Train and advance soldiers under great leaders to win victory. Play now!

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Become a great general and dominate the battlegrounds of historical European wars! Change the course of history by building your empire, commanding your armies and conquering lands through smart strategies and tactics. Make your mark in history by achieving immortal feats and creating the perfect winning plan.

Joynow brings you the latest strategy games with brand new features, such as the cloud archive function that allows you to switch devices without losing all your progress. The enhanced audio-visual effects of the game engine coupled with the 40 redrawn portraits of generals with improved introductions create a fascinating and realistic gaming experience.

Experience the changes of time through hundreds of wars across various European countries in the 10 chapters with over 60 famous campaigns, depicting historical events like the Bataille de Marengo, Battle of Waterloo, Battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Leipzig, and more. Complete missions, earn rewards and gain glory, while witnessing heroic deeds and historical incidents.

Test your strategic prowess by accomplishing fun battle goals based on historical wars. Select from over 100 armies and countries and train your troops to become elite forces with unique distinguishing features that improve their battle effectiveness. Choose your marching route carefully and control the battlefield by luring your enemies into fighting in terrains that favor your army.

Your journey to victory will be aided by the greatest generals and leaders like Napoleon, André Masséna, Maria Theresia, Blücher, Friedrich II, Kutuzov, Nelson, among others. Train and promote your generals to enhance their battle capabilities and improve morale to surround your enemies and demoralize them.

Joynow plans to continue updating the game by adding new campaigns, generals, and modes. Stay updated by following them on Facebook and Discord.

Download the game now and become a commanding conqueror in the world of historical European wars!
Joynow Studio
Release date
Dec 29, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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1-2 Siege Of Toulon Revolutionary War. Grand War 2: Strategy GamesMFS Gaming
Grand War: Napoleon 2 | Official TrailerJoynow Studios
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