Flewfies Adventure

Game overview

Join Flewfie and their pals to defeat Uzzu and their minions in Cutemellow, a colorful world filled with quests, puzzles, and card games.

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The peaceful and cheerful world of Cutemellow is under attack by malicious Uzzu and their violent monster crew. Their ultimate goal is to control not only Cutemellow but any neighboring worlds as well. In their mission, they stole vital experiments from Scientist Snail's laboratory. Who is Uzzu precisely, and what do they want? Join Flewfie on their adventure to discover the answers! Fly over the syrupy Caramel Coves, explore the shining Crystal Plains, and sneak through the shadowy depths of the Abandosphere – each world holds numerous quests to complete.

With the help of their allies Scientist Snail, Bunn Bunn, and Pinky Panda, can you stop the turmoil and defeat Uzzu for good? Customize your weapons and level up your UFO to gain an advantage in combat. Furthermore, each level features intricate puzzles and obstacles that will challenge your skills, and completing them will reward you with Bundrops.

Your journey will be filled with various side quests that will test your kindness and altruism. In addition, the game presents the original card game Fyued, which offers 100 cards to collect. The game boasts breathtaking artwork and an exceptional cast of lovely original characters. Finally, the game allows you to select the level of difficulty where you can choose from Easy, Normal, or Hard modes that ensure a smooth and entertaining experience for any player.
Valorware LTD
Release date
Jun 01, 2022
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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