Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier

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Join 75 Soldier candidates in a Final Fantasy VII themed Battle Royale with magic, summons, and RPG elements. Survive to level up and dominate.

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Final Fantasy VII the First Soldier is an exciting battle royale game that takes place 30 years before the FFVII story. It features up to 75 players fighting for survival as Soldier candidates. The game includes RPG elements, such as a level-up system and various battle tactics using guns, swords, and magic. Fans of the Final Fantasy series can expect to see numerous classic spells and summons. This game is a part of the official Compilation of FFVII.

In Final Fantasy VII the First Soldier, players can build their tactics using a combination of shooting, melee attacks using swords, and spells using materia. The level-up system rewards experience points for defeating monsters, which increases player skills and stamina. By leveling up, players gain an advantage in combat.

Players can choose from different styles of characters, such as a melee attack warrior, a magic-focused sorcerer, a sturdy monk with healing abilities, a Ranger with excellent scouting skills, or a highly mobile Ninja. They fight battles within the reconstructed world map of FFVII, complete with iconic locations like the Sector 5 Slums or the Shinra Building.

The game also features essential elements from the Final Fantasy series, such as summoning powerful creatures like Chocobos and Ifrit, and using various spells like Thunder and Cure. Additionally, players can ride a motorcycle to get around the world map. Final Fantasy VII the First Soldier is developed by Ateam Entertainment and produced by Square Enix. The game's Creative Director is Tetsuya Nomura, who is known for contributing significantly to various Final Fantasy titles.
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