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Game overview

Customize your anime-style OC with powerful Arcana tarot cards in a mix of CCG, RPG, and anime battle games with live PvP and adventure mode.

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Step into the enthralling world of anime battle games with Fighters of Fate – a mind-boggling card game that combines the elements of CCG, RPG, and anime-inspired battling games. Here, every player gets to create their own Original Character (OC) and embark on an exciting fighting path that is defined by their own deck of tarot-like, Arcana Cards that let them transform their destiny.

With Fighters of Fate, you get to experience an authentically anime fighting game-like feel that is further enhanced with comprehensive character customization tools. By designing your own decks, you can imbue your OC with unique weapons, skills, powers and stats that make them stand out as some of the most incredible anime fighters you’ve ever witnessed.

Using the art of combo-building borrowed from anime battle games, you can engage in frenetic battles against other Fateless players, each one striving to knock the other down. Put your gaming skills to the test in competitive mode and rise to the top of the ladder to earn glory and find a place in the hall of fame.

Alchemy mode lets you level up your cards in your quest for the world’s most powerful deck, while each new card you collect will fortify the potential of your original characters. And for some real-time action, join other Anime Fighters at the brawling bar and indulge in live PvP arena battles that will keep you hooked to your screen.

In the Adventure mode, explore your fighting path as you scour locations to collect the required materials, components and cards necessary for building your CCG deck, gradually strengthening your original character and rising to the top of the leaderboard.

Enjoy creating and customizing your characters with your Style Deck that lets you customize every aspect of their appearance, giving you tons of options to choose from so that you can create your dream anime fighter.

In a wild mix of CCG, RPG, and anime battle games, compete against other players and collect Arcana Cards to eventually become the ultimate Fighter of Fate! So, what are you waiting for? Put your CCG and trading card game skills to the test, grow your collection of original characters, and engage in epic battles with fellow anime fighters – all while perfecting your strategies and making new friends along the way.

Join the awesome community of Fighters of Fate on Discord, Instagram, and Facebook, and leave your valuable suggestions to take the game to the next level. Remember, when it comes to Fighters of Fate, the sky's the limit!
Pincer Games
Release date
Aug 30, 2022

Gameplay & Streams

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