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Vulcan Tower Defence

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Defend VulcanVerse with the best defenses against waves of evil spawns in the Real-Time strategic blockchain game, Protectors of Vulcan.

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In Protectors of Vulcan, a real-time strategic blockchain game, you must combat the horde of evil enemies while simultaneously earning XP and valuable collectibles. The game immerses you in the middle of the battlefield where the hostile spawns have laid siege to the city of VulcanVerse. Your mission is to prevent the monsters and creatures from demolishing the towns and cities in their path by building, deploying and upgrading your defenses, in addition to aiding the main Vulcanite.

As an RTS tower defense game, you must defend critical territories and frontiers throughout Vulcan City. Before you face a wave of foes, you can construct war machinery such as archer towers and trebuchets and create camps for other knights to strengthen your position. The constructions you make can be upgraded to become more lethal or demolished and relocated elsewhere. Your Vulcanite also has access to special powers that include summoning trained knights to obstruct your enemies or a flurry of arrows to weaken them.

The objective of the game is to protect the frontiers against the advancing enemies. You win when all foes are eliminated, and the game's different waves have ended. Yet, watch out for your health bar, as too many enemies making their way to the other side will diminish your health and make it impossible to advance to the next stage. The game will push you to create and modify new plans in real-time while facing waves of enemies continuously.

Each victory in successful defense unlocks new frontiers, allowing you to explore new territories in VulcanVerse. Battlefields such as the Gardens of Arcadia, Desert of Notus or Underworld of Hades provide varying challenges and difficulty levels.

Protectors of Vulcan offers a host of Vulcan characters that you can cycle through, equip with battle gear and boost their stats. The maps are filled with new levels as you explore the game, offering XP as a reward for each level conquered. Use the gold you receive from each place to build an arsenal of defensive constructions, upgrade them further, then rebuild them as you progress in the game, tearing them down and constructing them again at a different spot on the field. Craft strategies and tactics on-the-go to defend Vulcan City's frontiers, using infantry, artillery, and strategic placement.

Download Protectors of Vulcan today and join the ranks of its protectors by defending VulcanVerse's frontiers against hordes of formidable adversaries!
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