Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!

Fairy Tail: Forces Unite!

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Game overview

Play as your own wizard and join the strongest guild, FAIRY TAIL, on quests and battles; level up and trade items in this round-based RPG.

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Dive into the magical world of FAIRY TAIL with this exciting game, published by Garena and authorized by Kodansha. Experience classic comic content like never before and recreate the powerful guild of "FAIRY TAIL". The game features the same voice actors from the animated series and highly recreated storylines, allowing players to view the magical FAIRY TAIL storyline from a new perspective.

Players can select, design and control their own original characters to travel the magical world and fight alongside the strongest FAIRY TAIL team. The game-exclusive assistance system lets players embark on their adventure with the help of popular FAIRY TAIL characters such as Erza, Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Wendy. Choose and train favorite wizard assistants to form your own strongest team.

Get ready to test your wizard battle strategies with a round-based dueling RPG that puts your lineup configuration, magic beast selection, and skill order to the test. You can also combine combo moves and special skills cast by FAIRY TAIL assistants during battles. The enthusiastic battle scenes in the comic just got even better.

Choose from 9 classes and train to become the strongest SS-Class wizard. The game has inherited basic wizard settings from FAIRY TAIL and extended them to 9 classes including Requip, Force, Velocity, Soundwave, Sleet, Guardian, Alphabet, Elixir, and Cure. Each class corresponds to different magic types and has different skill development systems. You can distribute stats freely and strive to be the best.

Create or join guilds, accept S-Class quests, and challenge the dark guilds. Establish internal cohesion as strong as the legendary "FAIRY TAIL". as you fight against the most challenging enemies.

But you’re not just a wizard, you're also a magic businessman. Take advantage of the free trade system in the game to buy favorite items and sell unneeded ones. In the trade market, you might just find that one item you need to improve your strength.

Don’t want to feel lonely in your adventure? Enjoy various social systems that the game has to offer. Chat with other wizards in the world channel, look for adventure partners, and even find your soulmate in the marriage system. The mentorship system gives you guidance when you’re feeling lost, and the in-game voice chat lets you communicate with other players in real-time, adding to the most “Heated” battle experiences.

Join the adventure and become the strongest wizard in the world of FAIRY TAIL!
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