Evolution Board Game

Evolution Board Game

North Star Digital Games
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Game overview

Evolve your species to adapt and survive in the epic world of Evolution Board Game. Play online multiplayer to become victorious with your apex animal.

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Experience the thrilling world of Evolution Board Game, now available on Android! With its incredible art and carefully crafted mechanics, Evolution offers hours of exciting gameplay for strategy enthusiasts and nature lovers.

This critically acclaimed game has been awarded the title of "Best Mobile Strategy Game of 2019" and "Best Digital Board Game of 2019". Players can adapt to survive in a wondrous environment and enjoy a game that is completely ad-free!

Evolve your species to stay one step ahead of your opponents and emerge as the most successful species in the ecosystem.

With natural selection in action, players can develop unique features to survive in a constantly changing ecosystem. A long neck will help you reach food in the trees, while a hard shell can help fend off carnivores.

In Evolution, your strategy is crucial and will determine whether you survive or not. Each game is a thrilling struggle for survival.

As you explore the island in the single player campaign, you'll unlock new species and develop creatures to fight in the ever-changing ecosystem. With a deck of 17 unique cards to choose from, players can create a huge variety of creatures and engage in epic online multiplayer battles.

Experience the incredible combat mechanics and user-friendly interface as you prove your evolutionary skills in tournaments. With the complete set of cards included in the game, it's all about how you play them to win!

Evolution is based on the award-winning board game and offers an exciting online multiplayer environment where you can make friends, form alliances, and set up private games. Join the battle for survival and experience the power of natural selection in Evolution!

North Star Digital Games
Release date
Feb 12, 2019

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