GamesEmporea: Realms of War & Magic

Emporea: Realms of War & Magic

Game overview

Join the fantasy world of Emporea, choose a race, train an army, and fight for glory in this competitive online multiplayer strategy game.

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Welcome to Emporea, where more than 2 million valiant warriors have gathered to fight a battle of epic proportions in a mystical realm filled with dangerous creatures and magical spells. This online fantasy strategy game unleashes an intense quest for power and domination.

No wishes for peace can be fulfilled in these war-torn lands, as Emporea is a game of war and wizards. You must pick a race, whether it is the graceful Elves, the sturdy Dwarves, the ferocious Orcs, or the fearsome Undeads, and build a powerful empire to achieve your ultimate goal - victory! This free to play game rewards players that demonstrate their skills and earn their place among the elite ranks of RPG strategy experts.

Form an alliance with your closest friends, and defeat your enemies in heated multiplayer battles. Construct awe-inspiring cities and explore a world full of perilous threats. As you lead your armies towards glory, hone your hero's skills and arm yourself with enchantments. Lead your people into battle, but be mindful of the strategic decisions you make, as power can often be attained through cunning and deception.

Emporea is a riveting online strategy game, loved by thousands of players worldwide. Embark on a quest to become the ultimate warrior, conquer new territories, and protect your lands from harm. Use your wits and strength to become the strongest wizard or builder, undertaking fantastic quests.

Become the ruler of the world of Emporea, attacking cities to capture resources and extend your grip on the fantasy land. But be mindful, as other armies and their magic can threaten your existence and decimate your holdings. Be cunning, calculate your moves and go to war to conquer your opponents.

Join the community of players and fight for fame and glory. Share your knowledge and tips, discuss strategies on the forum, or stay updated on the latest developments by keeping in touch through Facebook. Show your appreciation and support for the game by participating in giveaways and earning free bonuses. If any doubts or queries arise, feel free to reach out and seek assistance from the game's support platform or consult the Terms of Service.

Emporea - a magical world of spells, swords, and strategy awaits you! Prepare to enter a world of epic combats, where only the strongest will survive.
Release date
Apr 27, 2015