Emokunai Kiss

Emokunai Kiss

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Choose the right dialogue to get closer to your crush in this kissing game. Success brings the lovers close while failures earn a cold stare.

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Are you longing to kiss someone special but feeling too shy to make the first move? Solve a series of dilemmas and get close to your dream girl in "I Want to Kiss You but I'm Too Embarrassed!" This text-based game is all about making the right choices and reading the situation like a pro. Pick the right dialogue option to get closer to your girl and see sparks fly! Get four answers right and you'll finally get to lock lips - but be prepared for some icy stares from your girl if you make a mistake. In fact, if you mess up on the final question, she might even walk away…for a bit of a twist in the game. Even if you're feeling frustrated by the cute and lovey-dovey illustrations, go ahead and intentionally choose the wrong answer for a bit of fun! So, what are you waiting for? Start playing "I Want to Kiss You but I'm Too Embarrassed!" and get ready to land that smooch. This game is perfect for streaming, so don't hesitate to share your experience with others.
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