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A text-based adventure game with turn-based tactical battles, set in a fantasy world where a young warrior seeks revenge and must choose between force or diplomacy.

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Dust and Salt is an immersive, text-based narrative adventure that incorporates elements of turn-based tactical battles. The game takes place in a grim, medieval fantasy world where you are the main protagonist leading an army of warriors. After witnessing his father's brutal murder and his village's destruction, the young hero is determined to avenge his loss. Throughout the game, he faces tough choices that require him to choose between diplomacy and brute force to forge new alliances and obliterate his enemies.

The game's layout comprises a story text, world map, and tactical combat layer. As you traverse the world map, the story builds around the choices you make, and tactical battles come into play. The game balances a rich, non-linear story with a Flair of Battle, reminiscent of D&D, and a choose-your-own-adventure book that meets an RPG.

The tactical combat system is a grown-up combat simulation that requires intense strategy. Your tactical decisions earn you victory or defeat. You can send your light-armoured infantry, the Nameless Wolves, through the woods into the back of the enemy, while your armoured, hammer-wielding Nameless Bears stall their attack.

Player choices have real consequences that branch the narrative. Your decisions will either define and shape the world or turn you into a usurper. The game features character development that hinges on the morality of the decisions you make.

The Sin Lands are filled with gripping personalities. Interact with them in well-crafted dialogue full of intrigue as you face off against the wily Lords of the Sin Lands.

The game features a breathtaking nordic soundtrack by an acclaimed artist Mike Olsen, known as Danheim. The art used in the game zooms in on the world map, revealing a level of detail that brings the story to life.

Unlike other games that let you pick abstract skills, Dust and Salt's unique feature is that you define character abilities by the choices you make at the beginning of the game.

Experience a world of adventure with Dust and Salt and decide if you will bring peace or become an oppressor.
Release date
Feb 22, 2018
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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