Dungeon Rushers

Game overview

Dungeon Rushers is a humorous tactical RPG where you loot dungeons, crush monsters and craft your equipment. Build your own dungeon and challenge other players!

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Dungeon Rushers is an engaging 2D tactical RPG that intricately combines gameplay of a dungeon crawler with turn-based combat. Set in an eccentric universe, the game lets you explore loot-filled dungeons, battle armies of monsters, and craft impressive equipment. With an array of colorful characters at your disposal, assemble your team and prepare to dash through hazardous traps, evade lurking monsters, and claim their treasure.

To gain the upper hand, upgrade your heroes and strategically position them for optimal outcomes. Use an advanced crafting system to add essential components to your gear, and choose from six craftsmen to curate your ideal weapon. Engage in bonus challenges that unlock the Heroic difficulty to put your skills to the test.

Show other adventurers who's boss by building your dungeon and spreading traps and monsters to keep them away from your chest. Hire the best team possible and roam around deserted manors and dungeons, once abandoned by humans but now inhabited by terrifying creatures. Attack enemy dungeons and steal their treasure, earning a spot on the leaderboard.

The campaign mode is filled with humorous content, unexpected twists, and various graphics that change with the landscape. Turn-based battles will keep you engaged, and advanced team management (in-fight positions, equipment, skills upgrades) will sharpen your wits. Multiple skills will aid your quest, including scout, heals, dodge, trap deactivation, and monster stalking.

With the option to duel friends, compete online with matchmaking and rankings, and an epic custom-made soundtrack, the game's replay value is intense. All of the IAPs in Dungeon Rushers are purely cosmetic, so you can enjoy gameplay without unwanted interruptions. Test your skills, unravel the mysteries, and create your destiny in Dungeon Rushers!
Mi-Clos Studio
Release date
Feb 22, 2017
Single player

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