GamesDraw Two Save: Save the man

Game overview

Draw lines and save the man from danger in this addictive and fun puzzle game. Improve your drawing skills and challenge your creativity with hundreds of levels.

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In Draw Two Save, exercise your brain by solving drawing puzzles and helping a man escape from danger. You must be creative and draw walls, shelters, or any lines that will block bombs, swords, bullets, arrows, and other harmful objects from reaching the man. Enhance your logic skills and save the man from various life-threatening attacks!

To play, draw a line and ensure that it won't harm the man. The puzzles have multiple solutions that can surprise, interest, or even make you laugh. With over 150 levels, your creativity will be challenged, and your drawing skills will improve.

Draw Two Save offers simple, smart, and fun puzzles that you can solve anywhere you want. The graphics are cute, and the sound effects are funny, making the game both addictive and relaxing. And the physics system is easy to understand, so you can focus on enjoying the game.

Don't miss the opportunity to test your creativity and imagination by playing Draw Two Save. Explore more than 150 puzzles that will put your skills to the test and keep you entertained and challenged. Stay tuned for more levels and game modes.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations to improve the game, the developers will appreciate hearing them. So, play Draw Two Save today and have fun while enhancing your brain skills!
Release date
Apr 05, 2022

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