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Shotgun Duel - a turn-based multiplayer game where players load shotguns with blanks and live rounds. Strategize to outsmart opponents and rise up the leaderboard!

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Get ready to play with Shotgun Duel and experience the thrill of loading the shotgun with buckshot! The gameplay rules are pretty straightforward as the shotgun is loaded with a random number of live and blank rounds, and every time it's your move, you have to spin the shotgun towards yourself or your opponent. Follow the shots closely, and use your skills to outsmart the other player. How long will you be favored by luck?

The game comes with exciting features that include:
πŸ” Survival of the Fittest: Bring out your ingenuity and come up with clever tactics to overcome your competitors by exploiting the full potential of turn-based gameplay;
🌐 Multiplayer: Search for players from different parts of the world, and conquer them by using buckshot, and add unique items to your trophy cabinet;
πŸƒ Customization: Unlock a vast range of customization features to make your fights unique. However, you must be cautious not to lose everything you have earned to a stray bullet;
🌟 Ranking System: Keep winning and scale up the leaderboard, battling with opponents who become increasingly worthier;
πŸ”« Classic Roulette: Dive into the game's strategic and tense ambiance with every move.

Are you ready to challenge yourself by testing your strategic skills, and enjoy the rush of adrenaline while using buckshot? Download Shotgun Duel now and enter into an exciting and suspenseful battle of tactics and nerves. Let the battle begin! πŸš€ Overcome cunning foes and put your strategic mastery to the test in thrilling duels. Outplay your opponents and emerge victorious!

Please note that some of the game's planned features are still under development. Keep an eye out for all the latest upgrades:
Tarsha Games
Release date
Apr 03, 2024
Single player

Gameplay & Streams

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