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Dark Cards

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Debt collector themed "Dark Cards" game with over 200 cards. Battle opponents by building a deck with 3 modes: story, challenge and multiplayer.

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Dark Cards" is a thrilling card game that puts you in the shoes of a debt collector, embarking on a wild intergalactic journey to defeat a peculiar race of adversaries. Your ultimate goal is to complete the debt collection, and in order to do so, you must construct an unbeatable deck of cards to take down your opponents. The cards are shuffled and arranged randomly on both sides of the match, with a limited number of cards that can be revealed per turn. You can either patiently reveal your own cards or take risks by exposing your rival's to interfere with their strategy.

You will be provided with three different types of cards: Tool Cards to attack your opponents, Treasure Cards to boost your tools, and Trap Cards for added trickery. Random events will also occur to interrupt both parties, possibly even saving your life.

To build your deck, you can choose from over 200 unique cards, each with their own special abilities. Strategize and form a powerful combinations of cards to defeat all of your adversaries.

With three different game modes to choose from, there's always a new challenge to tackle. The story mode allows you to experience a creative adventure filled with various characters and multiple endings. In challenge mode, you'll face one battle after another, constantly changing your deck to overcome each opponent and eventually defeat yourself. If you're looking for player-on-player action, try your hand at multiplayer mode and challenge other players to 1v1 PvP Duels!
Pixel Cattle Games
Release date
Oct 21, 2020

Gameplay & Streams

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