Cytus II

Cytus II

Rayark International Limited
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Game overview

Sync real-world with internet in a world of music rhythm. Explore the virtual world of cyTus and unveil the story behind it. 100+ songs, 300+ charts.

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Experience the thrill of music and rhythm with "Cytus II", the latest game release by Rayark Games. This sequel game follows the footsteps of the successful rhythm-based titles "Cytus", "DEEMO", and "VOEZ", created by the original staff who poured their hard work and devotion into this game.

Set in a future where humans have advanced the internet to seamlessly sync with the real world, "Cytus II" takes place in a mega virtual internet space known as cyTus. Here, a legendary DJ named Æsir is known for his irresistible music that touches people's souls with every beat. After years of anonymity, Æsir surprises his fans by announcing his first mega virtual concert, Æsir-FEST, featuring a top idol singer and a popular DJ as opening acts. The ticket sales break records, and people eagerly wait to see Æsir's real identity.

The game features a unique "Active Judgement Line" gameplay style, where players tap the notes when the judgement line hits them to earn a high score. The game has five kinds of notes and adjusts the speed of the judgement line to match the beat, creating an immersive experience for players. With over 100 high-quality songs from global composers in the base game and IAP, players can enjoy music from various genres such as electronic, rock, and classical. Over 300 different charts from easy to hard offer exciting challenges for players of different levels.

Explore the virtual internet world with the game's characters through the one-of-a-kind story system "iM". Delve into the rich, cinematic visual experience as players piece together the story and truth behind "Cytus II".

Please note that the game contains mild violence and vulgar language, suitable for players aged 15 and above. The game also has in-app purchases, and players are advised to spend responsibly and not gamble or use the game for illegal purposes. Pay attention to your game time and avoid addiction, but have fun with the captivating rhythm gameplay of "Cytus II".
Rayark International Limited
Release date
Mar 07, 2018

Gameplay & Streams

[Cytus II] Opening & Gameplay OverviewMayB Rhythmic
ONE HAND in Cytus 2 - The Spark - Lv.12 (CHAOS) - Million MasterEK鲁比
【最初の三巨頭擊殺!!】Floor of Lava (CHAOS 15) MM TP100!!!【Cytus II】天堂EGHD a.k.a. HeavenEGHD
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