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Revolution against oppressive corporation in Cyber Blade: Hunter Runner, a cyberpunk platformer with fierce battles, Hotline Miami-style gameplay, and pixel art.

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The rebellion initiated 17 years ago against the T-800 Corporation, which illegally obtained human cyborgization technology and supported Neil Himler's authoritarian rule to curb dissent.
Despite this, the resistance supporters managed to steal cybernetic technology and employ it to free the country from the clutches of the regime.
You, being the first of the resistance members, were resuscitated and had blades implanted in your hands, along with an artificial brain. Yesterday, the rebels executed you for failing to comply, but you are set to retaliate in the name of justice today!

Fans all over the world will not be disappointed by joining this game, which will appeal to classic platformers and runners. Cyber Blade: Hunter runner offers a vast cyberpunk world that hosts dangerous battles for liberation and survival. Fellow fighters, let's embark on an adventure!


Key attractions:
ā˜… Experience thrilling gameplay similar to Hotline Miami!
ā˜… Manage simple controls with only two buttons!
ā˜… Quick kills that coincide with aggressive music!
ā˜… Explore a fantastic pixel art cyberpunk world!
ā˜… Acquire new skills, fight, and progress through new levels!

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a pixel cyberpunk world with fierce enemies and a repressive civilization of the future? Welcome to Cyber Blade: Hunter Runner!

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Release date
Feb 21, 2023
Single player