Cow Evolution: Animal Merge

Cow Evolution: Animal Merge

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Game overview

Merge cows to become an animal farm tycoon in Cow Evolution. Discover mutant creatures, customize your farm, and collect resources in this free idle clicker game.

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Enter the world of Cow Evolution and experience an animal farm like no other! Join the excitement as mutations take place and stunning new breeds of animals begin to emerge. Discover the most exotic, mutated creatures and bring your dreams of animal farming to life as you upgrade your equipment, collect coins and crystals, and become the ultimate farm tycoon. Start playing Cow Evolution for absolutely FREE* today and discover the vast array of mysterious species awaiting your discovery.

As soon as mutations and evolutions began to take place on the farm, the mundane sight of cows quickly turned into a world filled with an incredible variety of intriguing and unique creatures. Raise your livestock, merge the animals and create a farm with a diverse range of mutated monsters that you'll be proud to call your own. Customize your creatures with a wide range of clothing items, hats, and accessories as you explore new worlds and discover even more species of mysterious creatures.

Ready to embark on an incredible adventure? Look no further! With Cow Evolution, you are in for an addictive and thrilling idle clicker game. Tap away and collect resources necessary to upgrade your farm. Discover hundreds of items as you progress through the game, and unite with more mutant cow species to ensure further progress. Expand your farm to keep up with your ever-growing catalog of discovered species, level up customizations, and share your discoveries with friends.

Are you ready to merge cow species? Cow Evolution offers you three critical stages in this animal evolution simulator: monster cows, alpaca cows, and alien cows. Test various combinations between these stages to increase the number of mutant creatures thriving on your farm. The more discoveries you make, the more cows and items you earn to enhance your catalog of discovered species and build a home for monstrous animals.

Take on the role of a farmer in Cow Evolution. The care and attention of your mutant cows lie in your hands. Complete the primary quests of the idle clicker game and earn items to customize your creatures. Personalize hats, hair, clothes, and accessories to give your farm some extra personality. Play every day to collect more coins and crystals, and share your farm with friends to keep the fun going.

Cow Evolution is a free-to-play idle merge clicker game. However, if you have the need for additional features or extra items, Cow Evolution has you covered with its in-game store.

Get ready to merge, farm and evolve! Play Cow Evolution today!

* Cow Evolution offers a free idle merge clicker game. However, certain features and additional items are available for purchase in the in-game store.
Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.
Release date
Aug 27, 2014

Gameplay & Streams

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All Cows In Cow Evolution (SUBSCRIBE)Hi idoVR
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