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Manage a power plant & build a city with Power Inc. Generate power, upgrade turbines, automate plant, research tech & advance through eras.

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Welcome to Power Inc, the idle simulation game that enables you to manage a power plant since the 1890s. Utilize your generated power for constructing a city, exploring breakthrough technologies, and advancing through different eras to modern times and beyond!

In Power Inc, you will have the ability to:

➤ Generate Power:

✧ Kick things off by operating a small crank turbine.

✧ Employ more workforce who will undertake the job of cranking the turbines for you.

✧ Expand your turbine collection and own better turbines!

➤Grow a City:

✧ The more power you create, the more residential houses you can develop.

✧ Expand your city to reap in more patrons and generate more income.

✧ Elevate the quality of houses in your city with brand new technological advancements.


✧ Recruit scientists for coming up with innovative technologies.

✧ Modernize and automate the power plant with the latest discoveries.

✧ Coincide products that cater to your clients' needs to boost your earnings.

✧ Explore more power sources, such as coal, hydroelectricity, and many others! (coming soon)

✧ Establish technologies that are essential for upgrading to advanced eras. (coming soon)

Power Inc guarantees a thrilling and exciting gaming experience that will transport you back to the bygone era while you manage and develop your power plant.
Release date
May 03, 2023

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