Buried Alive VR

Buried Alive VR

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Game overview

Solve puzzles and riddles to escape a coffin before running out of oxygen. VR mode, innovative puzzles, stunning graphics, and scary atmosphere.

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Think fast and stay calm as you face your worst nightmare - being buried alive! You must act with speed and precision to survive and escape this dire situation. A madman has entombed you, and the only way out is through a series of cunning puzzles and mysterious riddles. Time is of the essence as your oxygen begins to dwindle. Download the game now and see if you have what it takes to break out!

Get fully immersed in the experience with the virtual reality mode! The puzzles in this innovative game will challenge your intellect and problem-solving skills like never before. The stunning graphics create a chilling and atmospheric environment, adding to the overall horror of being buried alive.

Don't let panic take over and misguide you, you must clear your head in this desperate fight for survival. Keep your cool and see if you can overcome the challenges that lie within this deadly coffin. Can you puzzle your way to freedom and escape the clutches of this crazed psychopath? Find out by downloading the game now!
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